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ICLLC offers the use of technology to communicate with your therapist, because not everybody can make it to the office. Through the use of your computer with a microphone and camera, or your smartphone or tablet we can communicate with you using VSee.  VSee is a simple and secure software that has used for over 20 years by major medical systems, NASA, US Congress and the Navy Seals.  This HIPAA compliant software is encrypted on three levels for confidentiality and safe communication.

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A 2008 meta-analysis of 92 studies, for example, found that the differences between Internet-based therapy and face-to-face were not statistically significant (Journal of Technology in Human Services, Vol. 26, No. 2). Similarly, a 2009 review of 148 peer-reviewed publications examining the use of videoconferencing to deliver patient interventions showed high patient satisfaction, moderate to high clinician satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes (Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, Vol. 16, No. 3).


Will my health insurance pay for TeleMental Health?

There is a wide disparity between private insurance companies and Medicaid in the state of Pennsylvania as to whether or not they will pay, or under what circumstances they will pay. Call the phone number on the back of your insurance card, or contact us to find out if your insurance covers TeleMental Health.

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