Michael Watterson

Michael Watterson is the newest addition to our team. He shares our values of celebrating diversity and asserting holistic self-care. Through individual, group and family therapies plus trainings and consultations, he strives to help others create healing environments, let go of self-destructive behaviors and practice stress reduction and self-care. Individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses, substance use disorders and the LGBTQ community have had the privilege of working with Mike throughout his career. It is a rarity to find a therapist who can take Medicare and Medicaid insurances, he also takes most private insurances. If you are interested in working with a therapist who will guide you towards self-discovery to achieve healing and recovery, click here to send Mike an email. He will contact you ASAP to answer your questions and get you started in counseling at ICLLC at your earliest convenience.

Ryan Gleason

Ryan Gleason has been studying with Amy Swigart to learn skills and interventions working with individuals who meet the criteria for Reactive Attachment Disorder. This training at ICLLC and his previous work with children who have experienced chronic and acute trauma make him an ideal addition to our team. Families have been so supportive and kind meeting Ryan, they are thrilled that the team at ICLLC is training therapists to deal with children who exhibit these challenging behaviors.  Ryan is dedicated to helping families with children in the foster system or post-adoption. He is also skilled in helping young adults with anxiety and depression to transition through life phases. Click here to send Ryan an email, he will contact you ASAP to answer your questions and get you started in counseling at ICLLC at your earliest convenience!

Mindyanne Berman

Mindyanne Berman, Ph.D. brings over thirty-five years of experience working as a certified school psychologist and mental health therapist in schools, drug and alcohol settings and other outpatient mental health arenas. Trained and experienced in a wide array of therapeutic counseling techniques, assessment and evaluation, her skills in relationship building have nurtured the personal growth of children, teens, adults and families. Well regarded in the academic, mental health and recovery communities, Mindyanne's decision to practice exclusively with our team will benefit those who desire to live better and fuller lives. Want to learn more about working with Maryanne? Click here to send a message to Mindyanne.

Deb Gibson

Deborah L. Gibson, B.S., M.Ed., is a Licensed Behavioral Specialist who works with children, adolescents and families. Having served in the US Marine Corps with decades of experience working in the community, she guides people towards effective communication and problem solving. In charge of our co-parenting model, she works with court ordered individuals teaching skills in managing anxiety and depression, conflict resolution, reconciliation, budget/finance, transition and grief/loss. While she is specifically trained in working with individuals who have attention deficit disorder and those who have a diagnosis in the autism spectrum, her top priority is positive emotional, psychological and physical growth for all. Click here to send Deb a message or call her at 724-256-9881. She will contact  you ASAP to answer your questions or to set up an appointment.