Susan Roop, M.A., NCC, LPC

Hi, my name is Susan Roop, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. Thanks for checking out our site.

I started this business to embrace those who feel let down by the larger outpatient mental health system.

Relationship building starts at the first phone call or email from you. I strive to provide excellent customer service. I schedule people usually within a week of first contact. I engage with the people that I serve to collaborate about their treatment with them.

Working with people with depression and anxiety is the foundation of my practice. Some have experienced trauma. When people experience trauma, they often have many reasons not to deal with it. These are good reasons to people, but they quickly learn that unresolved trauma symptoms affect their daily functioning in a negative way. People start to have problems with relationships and getting along in the workplace, increased anxiety, depression, nightmares, and flashbacks. I specialize in working with people with unresolved trauma issues so they can live a more full and happy life.

Newly developed relationships with the court system allows us to provide our model of treatment for families in crisis from separation or divorce. We embrace the opportunity to help families who are hurt, angry and overwhelmed with hopelessness to begin new lives. We excel in working with people caught in the emotional turmoil associated with being in the court system.

Our team has specialized skills working with kids and adults who have attachment issues. In today’s world, many people do not have the skills to attach to others, especially people who have experienced trauma in utero or before the age of 5. This can cause a lot of chaos and heartache in people’s lives. Because our model of treatment is so effective, our best advertisement is ‘word of mouth’. Many families contact us to work with their children who have Reactive Attachment Disorder. People contact us from all across the United States for training and consultation about kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder and regressive behaviors.

'all kinds of therapy for all kinds of people’ honors all communities. Despite advances in legal rights and acceptance, LGBTQ communities continue to be impacted in negative ways. People identifying with sexual, affectional and gender expansive identities experience higher rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, victimization, and barriers to ‘coming out’ and acceptance. Our affirmative therapies support people to live enriched and authentic lives in this uncertain climate.

Please give us a call or email, I would love to meet you and talk about what you would like to do. Your goal is our goal. Thank you so much for checking us out!

Sincerely, Susan

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