Reactive Attachment Disorder

How many therapists have you been to before you thought about working with us?

Amy Swigart and Susan Roop have developed a model of treatment for single and two parent families with children exhibiting severe attachment behaviors or Reactive Attachment Disorder. Children with attachment disorders display EXTREME patterns of behavior.

Does your child exhibit any of these symptoms?

‘Tantrums’ are frequent, can last for hours and more severe than the situation may warrant Verbal & physical aggression towards pets, people & the environment Superficial in relationships, charming with people outside the family Does not make eye contact, unless trying to convince you of an ‘untruth’ Friendly and charming with strangers
‘accidently’ breaks their own things and beloved objects of others Lies to your face about things so much that you fear you are going ‘crazy’ Steals, hoards and hides things Can’t control behavior, seems impulsive Trouble remembering, concentrating, problem solving, making & keeping friends
Difficulty with understanding consequences of behavior or what could happen next Talks ‘nonsense’ with chatter & makes noises ‘Splits’ & ‘triangulates’ care takers Blames others for things they obviously did Entitled
Acts like an age much younger than they actually are Interacts with feces and urine in an atypical manner Overwhelmed with anxiety throughout the day Really intelligent with poor academic performance Appears to be ‘triggered’ by ‘nothing’


As a parent or care taker, do any of these describe what you are going through?

Parents and care takers of children with attachment problems usually feel:  angry, isolated, defensive, hurt, betrayed, confused, exhausted, overwhelmed, worried about the well-being of the children and pets in the home, physically ‘beat-up’, lost, scared, anxious, inadequate, guilty, ‘walking on eggshells’, feeling that no one will ever believe them, feeling that their child is controlling them and the entire household….feeling like giving up. Maybe you have given up already?

Like you, we know that because these children need to control through manipulation, traditional therapies do not work.

Our model of treatment involves work with your entire family, school, law enforcement, psychiatrists, or whoever you need to have involved. Treatment with us will:

Change behaviors in the home


Give the child language to express feelings and work towards being genuine


Create a safe environment to share the truth


Help child to take responsibility & accountability for behavior


Teach parents to understand the function & message of behaviors


Design safety & crisis plans to deal with outbursts full of rage


Teach & coach parents to assert ‘atypical’ parenting skills


Design strategies to manage anxiety


Develop skills to deal with emotional dysregulation in parents & children


Learn organizational skills, problem solving, memory and social skills


Support brothers & sisters who have been emotionally & physically harmed by their siblings


Set parents up to be in control of their household


If you recognize yourself or any of your family members in any of these symptoms or scenarios, or if you want to meet therapists who ‘get it’…call us at: 724-256-9881 or drop us an email. Click here to talk to a therapist or schedule an appointment.