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We are honored that many people who come to visit us for counseling services are funded by The Affordable Care Act or ‘Obama Care’. There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about these programs being cut or severely reconfigured – leaving many people wondering how they will continue to access services. Or…for those who have been putting off calling a counselor, how to get and pay for counseling services.

Please know that at ICLLC, our first priority is your mental health. If you have changes in your insurance or if you do not have insurance, PLEASE CALL US. We are one of the few groups in Western PA who are willing to negotiate an hourly rate with you that meets your needs and meets our needs.

Don’t believe us? Call 724-256-9881 for more information or visit our web site at and send us an email from any page. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Susan and the team at Inspiring Change, LLC

At ICLLC we take cash, checks, plastic and payments from your insurance company.

Did you know??? ICLLC accepts the medical card - Medicaid - Your counseling services can be paid for by Value Behavioral Health. Questions? call 724-256-9881.

Need to know what your insurance pays? Need to know what your co-pay or your deductible is for your mental health insurance? You can call our billing services:

Demonte Medical Billing Solutions

888-924-3627 extension 0

Call and talk to Joanne or one of her qualified staff to learn what your insurance may pay for mental health services. You may need to leave a message; the Demonte team will call you back to take your information and give you the answers that you need. ICLLC has enjoyed a very effective and professional relationship with Demonte Billing Solutions for over 3 years. Feedback from our patients indicates that they appreciate the quick and through billing services. Demonte Billing Solutions is available to handle ANY of your insurance questions.

No Insurance? No Problem.


Call 724-256-9881 for more information.

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