Parent Burnout

How hard is it to parent a child with reactive attachment disorder and regressive behaviors?

Ask a parent who is fostering or has adoptedstering the child who roams the house at night while others are sleeping, hoards food, misrepresents the truth, and exhibits intense rage; whose grades go up and down without explanation, and who is charming and respectful to everybody except their own family!

Living with the daily fear and constant worry that these children can hurt themselves, destroy family relationships and the family’s reputation in the community= EXHAUSTION!

Parent burnout is emotional exhaustion, feeling like you’ve lost your identity, reduced sense of personal accomplishment; feeling depleted of energy, overextended and fatigued.

WARNING: The effects of parent burnout can be severe and far-reaching. Overwhelmed parents are at risk for depression and anxiety; physical health problems; decreased empathy and difficulty working to their true capacity in being a parent.

The first step of our model of treatment at Inspiring Change, LLC is to help parents learn how to develop and maintain self-care skills in MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and EMOTION! Our team understands that staying balanced as an active parent of a child who has experienced trauma, presents a multitude of challenges.

  • After only 3-4 sessions, parents are able to identify strategies for a SELF-CARE maintenance plan.
  • Parents identify barriers that have intruded with ongoing self-care and how to target negative coping skills.

At Inspiring Change, LLC, we understand that parenting is demanding, we also believe that parenting is highly rewarding and gratifying! Experiencing rewards and gratification is why you signed up for this job!!! Let us help you get back to the energized, compassionate and creative parent that you want to be!

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