What kinds of therapy?

Traditional Face-To-Face or Telemental Health sessions

Our trained and licensed mental health professionals do direct face-to-face counseling in the office at a prescheduled appointment with individuals, couples, families or groups.

Simple and secure software allows us to use technology to do Telemental Health sessions with you through use of computer, smartphone or tablet. We use the same HIPAA compliant system that NASA, US Congress and the Navy Seals have used for over 20 years.

We specialize in using evidence based practices for issues related to:

Reactive Attachment Disorder Regressive Behavior
Trauma and Attachment PTSD with Trauma Recovery
Recovery skills with Relapse Prevention Anxiety & Depression
Mental Health problems & Substance Abuse Nonbinary and gender-nonconforming concerns
Suboxone Maintenance & Therapy Atypical and Typical Parenting with skill development
Grief & Bereavement Relationship Exploration: Nurturing & Mending
Diverse Sexual & Affectional Orientations  



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  1. I’m inquiring about seeking family counseling to help my wife and I cope with our extremely defiant 9 year old child. He’s currently ta king medication to help with add,with no luck. He’s a straight A student in the gifted classes at school, but has difficulty following simple rules and obeying directions mainly at home and in public. I have upmc insurance and since I work full time and my wife on a casual schedule we don’t qualify for the help we need because I pay for insurance. I feel totally helpless and need steered in the right direction. This is really taking a toll on our entire family and dont want our two yr old daughter to follow down same road. Please help in any way would be appreciated

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